Thursday, February 25, 2016

The beginning is always today

I moved to dazzling Dubai some five years ago from the tranquil city of Perth, Australia . When I press the rewind button to the days following my move, I am reminded of how I felt like a country mouse who had to adjust to a bustling city. It was an entirely different world. It felt like I had stepped into an amusement park, constantly feeling mesmerized by the lights and glam of the city. It has taken me on a high like it does for many expats who live here. Dubai is beautifully inspiring at every corner. Unfortunately, while going with the fast pace of normality here, the things I use to take much pride in like crafting and designing and blogging somehow slowly got pushed aside as I sat quietly admiring all that this place had to offer. I stopped creating. I stopped drawing and sketching my thoughts and felt as if I was losing a part of my creative streak. I knew that my artistic passion needed to be reignited. However, it took me a couple of years to finally realize that it was  time to get back in the groove and do the things I am most passionate about

I am a lover of all things beautiful and I am finicky about design elements and colour. A year ago, I had my second baby and resigned from my job as a teacher. It was during my pregnancy that  I felt a spark of creative magic come alive again. It began with me designing and creating the  bedding for my little boys crib.I was in fabric haven, putting together puffed bows of raw silk and matching embroidery. I knew right then that I was back in my happy element. From then on, the creative juices just flowed. I started designing my post pregnancy breast feeding friendly dresses and tunics. I was surprised that it garnered a lot of interest from the people I met. I never thought to expand it into a business but time and again many asked me where my dresses were from and whenever I answered that I designed and tailored my own dresses, the response were always positively delightful .

So with the loving encouragement from my family and friends who kept pushing me to share this talent with the world, ADLAALHADDAD designs was born.
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 With much love,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flowers- Media city lilies

I've had the company of some close friends these last couple of weeks . We had a great time together exploring the city , getting lost and stumbling upon some interesting places along the way .The weather is  cooler and we are enjoying the outdoors a whole lot more . I love my flora and fauna and Big K took me to this lovely spot in the middle of  Media city where you see parrots on palm trees and pretty lilies in the lake. There's a serenity  about the place that makes me feel I'm not in Dubai. Just beautiful.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Find - Zaroob

Exploring Dubai has been limited to the weekends because my weekdays are now overshadowed by work.Yes you  heard right, I am now Miss Adla all over again .Oh the joy of working with other peoples children and Oh the joy that you get to return them to their parents at the end of the school day. It's a  brand new setting for me, it's the first time I'm tackling oopps I meant to say teaching Arab kids. Some are funny , some are rude , some are just too cute  for their boots.  It's all joyous and comical to say the least. OOooooh plenty of stories to share about them . One thing  to note  though is that  my Arabic is improving  a great deal , it's a good barter exchange . They learn English and I raise my Arabic to a newer level , like this one time I heard this little girl say Hashish Hashish and I was like Oh my god what did she just say and then I learn Hashish just means grass here like ofcourse I knew that . No need for panic and wild assumptions , ofcourse Hashish grows in her backyard :) So anyways I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing and if it ain't bonus enough Omar goes to the same school too, so  we''ve been lucky to escape tears and  those first day of school separation anxiety. Hooray  !

Now this blogpost is actually about a happy find, I thought it would be nice to share some  happy chirpy places I have stumbled upon .I am going to say this again, I am really satisfied that  food is not an issue here, I can eat anywhere and everywhere well just about everywhere Alhamdullilah . It is a blessing. So this happy find happens to be a street joint called Zaroob, its very cheery  and reminds me of  a Roti Bakar Menteng pushcart except that it's a little more glitzy in a quirky way. Love their play on colour and any place brave enough to let men sit on pink chairs deserves a mention on my blog. They serve levant street food , you get your hommus and your Manakish or as they pronounce it ' Manouche' ,were all really tasty. Big tick  for my tastebud. My sort  of an eatery and don't you just love those plates. Check them out  here Zaroob.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eid in Dubai 2011

As Ramadan was drawing to an end , I prettied up the house  and baked cookies for Eid . Eid is the celebration to mark the end of the fasting month.We had a great  first Eid  in Dubai. Eidul Fitr Prayer begins at sixish here as oppose to Perth timing which is usually around 8 in the morning. Good thing I checked, Alhamdullilah everyone in the UAE celebrated Eid on the same day so none of that confusion we go through year after year in Perth,Thank God! I am  also blessed to have family here in the UAE and Big K has family here too from Singapore so we had a great day of visiting, meeting old friends in a new place, merry making and eating lots and lots of FOOD.Omar had his fair share of sweets and chocolates.Infact I had to bribe him with chocolates to get him into his Eid gear in the morning and that was the beginning of a sweet filled day.
My little prince in his Eid kondura , the headgear lasted a few photographs before it was swung around in cowboy fashion
So you see because I grew up in Singapore  I have  somewhat adopted the cultural traditions in which Eid is celebrated there. The majority of Arabs in Singapore are of Hadrami descent and most of us are 3rd or 4th generation Singaporean Arabs. It is actually the Malay Muslim tradition that we have colourfully embraced. We love their food and it has become common practice in Hadrami households to actually cook their Eid dish which is 'Ketupat and lodeh'. It is rice cakes served with a coconut gravy and a dozen other condiments. It is sooooo delicious and fate has it planned out wonderfully that there are a few  other Hadrami slash Singaporean families here in Dubai, so we pitched in, got our pots cooking and  feasted  on Malay dishes in Dubai, how delightful! We totally skipped the kabsas and the harissas this year :) and just for the record, Eid is celebrated the whole month of Shawal in Singapore, we might just do that here. Lets see! In the meanwhile , hope all our lovely readers had a wonderful Eid , let us know what are your special Eid traditions.

Saying it with love, Adla

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Got Dates?

As the last stretch of Ramadhan is upon us. I have been moulding a few sweet treats for Eid which is the celebration that will mark the end of this holy month. For the last couple of years (thanks to my Aunt in Doha for her recipe) I have made it a tradition to bake these date cookies better known as Maamuls. They are shortbread like cookies with a soft date filling. Got a  little snappy happy with the pictures. What are your must have favourite eid cookies ? Do share.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Definition of fasting by OMAR

A conversation  I had with Omar
Me: " Omar put your bicycle away"

Omar :." Mum, my bicycle is fasting "

And what he means by that is that his bicycle can go really fast. So much so for hearing us use the word 'fasting' lately , MashaAllah my little chap and his defiinitions . Puts a smile to my face everytime:)