Monday, February 28, 2011

27th February 2011- Moving Boxes

We have started packing and the little one is enjoying coming in and out of empty boxes. I should be able to squeeze our books and clothes into 20 Boxes ? well that's the estimate I've been given by the freight company and thats what I'm packing on my own. They'll be handling the fragiles and furniture. One box down and 19 more to go. I know I said I will not be moving a whole container like I did from Indonesia but I guess I was wrong because the freighters have told me that I will need a whole container considering the total cubic measurements of my things, there goes my downsizing but I promise I have decluttered and sold, given away many many boxes of things.Oh well.Back to packing, next up is the toy department,leaving just one rubber tub out for now till we go!

26th February 2011

Wanting to take his ablution( wudhu) at the Turkish Mosque.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Flowers- 25th Feb 2011

Pretty pink peonies are such a definition of Summer blooms. Picture taken at my favourite coldroom Tesselaar.

Friday, February 25, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 24th Feb 2011

This is where I'd rather be right now. Rowing the boat in this secret garden.The picture was taken on my last holiday to Penang, Malaysia. I need a holiday!

365 photos in 365 days- 23rd Feb 2011

Moving takes its toll on you but Life has to go on as usual. This keeps me going and sits very importantly on my medicine shelf . A few pieces to be taken daily or a whole block for days that you cant seem to get it together. Dont take my word for it , consult your doctor before use.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Selling the House

The agent wanted to get a professional photographer in to take pictures of the house for advertising and I suggested to him that I could do it and so thats just what I did, here are snapshots of our place.

Moroccan lounge given an Aussie touch.
The corridor with the ever so famous Photograph shelf the hubby made.

Area adjacent to the kitchen.
Guest room

365 photos in 365 days- 22nd Feb 2011

Both big K and myself had been contemplating on whether to rent out our place or to sell it. Most of our friends think we should keep it for investment purposes, that would have been ideal but with the crazy ever rising interest rates in Australia it would be more a financial burden than gain. And on top of that just thinking of maintaining a property from miles away has its headaches.I know that from the experience with our Singapore property.I would love to have another property in Australia in due time perhaps build one to my liking InshaAllah.In the meanwile, if anyone is interested in our little cottage 3 by 2 sized home, it is up for sale.We are located in Bentley very close to Curtin University. We have contracted the team from Ray White to run the show for us,so if you are interested in viewing the house, get in touch with Andrew, his number is 0401076690. Wish us luck that we get a buyer soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 21st Feb 2011

We have been mad cleaning around here. Protective glasses is definitely needed for eyes sensitive to clutter.

365 photos in 365 days- 20th Feb 2011

Watching the sunset on Fremantle beach.

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

We had lovely weather on Sunday so we decided to head to the fishing boat harbour in Fremantle for an early dinner.

He leads the way to our favourite fish and chips joint. Kailis.

Fish and chips besides shrimps on a Barbie makes its mark for traditional Aussie food, I'm sure we will be exchanging that for Shawarmas in Dubai soon.

We were fishy happy by the end of our meal.

Then we headed to Baskin Robbins , we all know a trip to the fishing boat harbour is incomplete without having some ice cream. He chose a Rainbow icecream which was sweet sweet so we ended with a 2 year old with a sugar rush an hour before bedtime. You got to make exceptions somedays.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 19th Feb 2011

Big K can be quite the Origami artist when he wants to be . As we are clearing up our things for the big move, I found a stash of scrapbooking paper and just before sending it to the Recyling trash.we had fun making some paper boats and aeroplanes.

365 photos in 365 days- 18th Feb 2011

Friday Flowers, this picture was taken by dear Hubby. Such pretty vivid blue delphiniums.

365 photos in 365 days- 17th Feb 2011

Busy days have set in. As much as I love to cook , I have had to ease myself from kitchen work and simplify matters. Today's lunch was a 15 minute job but filled the belly none the less.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 16th Feb 2011

He loves climbing in the big boys playground. Here is Omar at Synergy playground at Kings Park. If theres one thing we will miss , it will be the wonderful parks and playgrounds we have here in Perth.

365 photos in 365 days- 15th Feb 2011

Lovely Birthday Cake for Alia's 25th.

Monday, February 14, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- Happy Birthday Alia

It's my sister Alia's birthday today. We just had a celebration. I have pictures but I have just realized that I have done a swap by taking her camera home instead. Ditzy me ! Here's wishing my one and only beautiful Sister many more birthdays to come. Love you lots.

365 photos in 365 days- 13th Feb 2011

Our goodbye get togethers are happening alright, We were invited for a bbq at Ami Hasan and Aunty Sharyns. Omar loves following Dien around, he tends to call him Nied though!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 12th Feb 2011

He is not actually drinking pepsi.Big K poured water into an empty can to let him feel like he was drinking Pepsi, oh the innocence of a child:)

365 photos in 365 days- 11th Feb 2011

Sunset over the swan River, photo taken on the foreshore ferry.

365 photos in 365 days- 10th Feb 2011

I have beautiful friends here in Perth, Goodbye parties have begun and today we spent the day with this little cutie pie and her mother. Thank you for the lovely time Liza :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 9th Feb 2011

His hair is getting pretty long that I can put it up in a ponytail and I'm getting these interesting remarks from strangers like "is this your daughter" or "what a cute girl she is !!! " Are they seeing right, I really dont get it because he is dressed in shorts and dinosaur tshirts and he is quite a boisterous little chap personality wise. I am left to wonder, long hair aside, are little girls dressing up more like boys now !

So anyway that leaves me with the million dollar question, to cut or not to cut? I am voting cut but right now I am losing the vote as the father says no and so does his one and only Aunty Alia. What do you think?

365 photos in 365 days- 8th Feb 2011

We are gonna miss having our regular Tuesday waffles at Gelare.

Monday, February 7, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 7th Feb 2011

We went for a walkabout around one of Perths famous icon, the Belltower. I'm sure we will be seeing lots of very tall uniquely designed structures in Dubai soon.

6th Feb 2011- Socceroo

Played soccer with him today. He did a backflip after scoring a goal but I was too slow to get my camera out to capture the moment. Next time !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 2nd Feb 2011

A watch, a ring and a key in hand just like dad but made of Play-doh ofcourse!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365 photos in 365 days- 1st Feb 2011

My stress reliever come energy booster.a chocolate cup filled with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate dipped fruit and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Need I say more.

Omars Room

I have had to pinch myself a few times because the big move to Dubai will be happening soon.It's all become a little more real after the garage sale we had on the weekend. I sold furniture from the little ones room which made me kinda sad. In truth I do feel ridiculous to be placing such sentimental value on material items which can always be bought again. I should be more like my mum , she places no attachment to her material belongings . She is able to let go of her things with ease and is very charitable to say the least.

Anyways as I am slowly packing things away from Omars room, I can't help to think of the wonderful times we have spent in his room playing. At least I know we will have memories and pictures as a bonus to remember it by.

Last year his room was affected by the massive storm which hit Perth. You can read about it here on my other blog. You can see what the baby nursery looked like here After getting the room fixed, I had my paintbrush handy for a change in decor and here's what it looked like after the makeover.

I decided to go with an eclectic vintage feel for the room and chose to stick up letters of the alphabet and paint them in a mix and match of black, yellow amber, fireman red, greys and aqua marine. I love typography. Everyone who comes into the room loves it too and so this is officially the cheery wall.

Black in a kids room raised a questionmark at first, but just having touches of it here and there worked perfectly well like this bookshelf I painted jetblack.

While shopping, I stumbled across this morgan and finch bed runner and pillowcase meant for a single bed which was the perfect colour combination but not the right size so what I did was sent it to the tailors and had them alter it to fit a smaller bed.

This frame was an Ikea purchase. I am not entirely an Ikea fan because I feel it is over rated, However this frame was a cheap buy and just the right size for above the bed head.
I gave it a whip of chalkboard paint and leave sweet messages for my little prince on it. sometimes I get serious and leave one along the lines of 'Clean. Your Room!" He can't read at the moment but I do think this idea of having a chalkboard creates the interest to learn. so I am hanging on to the idea wherever we go. By the way if I have'nt said it enough chalkboard paint rocks.

The window treatment was done with a little cotton fabric , grossgrain ribbons and my magic hot glue gun!

Considering that I chose to paint the walls white in comparison to the coloured walls previously meant that I could go as colourful as I wanted with pictures in the room. So I picked out some document frames in black and clustered them onto a wall with Omars priceless artwork. The best thing about using his artwork is that I change them every so often and its a good way of appreciating and encouraging his artistic talent. Thats the teacher in me talking. I am also a great fan of clustered pictures on walls and 3M hooks. 3M hooks are the best, they don't leave holes in your walls.

When it comes to decorating I am a huge believer that you can recycle things and give it new life.Take this toy shelf for example which I picked up from the Preschool across my house, They were throwing it out and I lugged it home, Sanded it down and gave it a splash of paint and ta-da , it does the job of a Toy shelf perfectly.

As the little one grows the amount of tiny toys accumulate. Cleaning up the mess was so not funny. So I knew I needed transparent tubs with labels that would still make the toys visible but orderly . This has made it easier to put away come cleaning up time. The great thing is that it has caught up with Omar, he does not take 10 different toys but rather chooses one tub at a time and when he is done he now knows to puts it away where it belongs. I have grown to love this storage idea, if any one is after cheap Australian made tubs, look no further than your local REJECT SHOP.

For toys that come in bigger quantaties like ' train tracks ' and the likes, those colourful rubber drink tubs with handles has worked well for me, so do milk crates. The choices with storing toys are endless but these are my trial and tested take on it.

The same goes for pencils, crayons and textas, I like things to be accesible to the little one and placing these materials in colourful containers like this tin bucket. It makes not only a decorative statement but a practical storage solution. Don't they say kill two birds with one stone.

I know that when I started working on Omars room, I wanted it to have a comfortable feel , a place that he enjoyed spending time in .I know that I have achieved to make that happen. He loves being in his room and loves sharing it with everyone who comes over too.

So cheers I say to the wonderful times we have spent in this room, we say goodbye to this room but I am looking forward to the next room we will decorate .

Saying it with love,