Saturday, April 30, 2011

26th April 2011- A bean salad and my favourite dressing.

This is a salad dressing I have grown up to love. It is a simple dressing my mother taught me. Can't really call it a vinaigrette because there is no vinegar in it but it sure has all the right ingredients which makes it a perfect dressing for any salad.It keeps for days refrigerated.
I've just had the dressing with this five bean salad.It is such a lovely refreshing snack. It's great served on grilled chicken too. All there is to it is : chopped onions, tomatoes, corriander leaves and  a variety of  cooked beans.I usually stock up on those 5 bean mixtures so all I have  to do is give it a good toss around and I have myself some Yum yum in my tum tum in no time.
Have you got a favourite salad dressing, do share?

Friday, April 29, 2011

25th April 2011- Fremantle Street Arts Festival

Fremantle was filled with street buskers from around the world on the Easter break.Took Omar to enjoy the street festivity.

There was a PUPPET SHOW
O enjoyed the puppet show and was very well behaved, sat in his pram the whole way through. We watched one act after another for nearly 3 hours and boy was he super entertained. Clap clap !
 and ENGLISH MEN who balanced cutlery and fine china
 a  CLOWN from the wild wild west
and this HA HA fellow
There were so many acts I did not snap pictures of it all but a fun day was had and a street festival  is always equipped with ballooons.
 O was happy to get one shaped into a turtle.
All in all , it was a good day out, coins tossed into hats .Highly entertaining for both kids and adults alike. I would love to say that we'd come back for it next year but to Dubai we go soon . To catch more of the acts at the festival, do check out their facebook page. They are pretty awesome possum!

24th April 2011- Costume Party

I went with a little farmer who needed a wife. I wont put up my picture here because I'm hijab-less and it might stir controversy  if I do, I 've put up a just for laughs sneak for my female friends on facebook but thats that. Any-hu we won first prize for best dress, some  asked where I got my outfit from.
 The apron I had on is my everyday kitchen apron with a huge heart pocket on the front which the lovely Cece Marie stitched for me some years back. Truth be told, the only thing I bought was a five dollar blonde wig from the local Kmart and my chicken buttons from Spotlight. I hot glued the buttons onto an old pair of earrings.They are so 'pluck pluck' fancy!
Check out my little farmer, my friend got him this cute little outfit, he actually had a straw hat and a rake to match but you know how it is with snapping pictures of a 2 year old :)
By the end of the day he got himself a few wives, that concept  makes me believe he is not a Western farmer , just an Arab farmer disguised for sure! hehehehe he charmed the girls and ladies with his smile  and free hugs MashaAllah ! Mummy has to be on the watch.I better be holding tight to this little farmer of mine.xx

Thursday, April 28, 2011

23rd April 2011- Busselton

We were in Busselton ,taking advantage of the long weekend. It is about 200 over kilometres South of Perth.A beautiful coastal town.I'm usually in the passenger seat putting my feet up, munching on yummies and enjoying the view but this time I drove which meant I had to stay ALERT, which Alhamdullilah I was.

 We went with tough guy Dien and his mum.
Dien took Omar into the cold cold water. He half enjoyed it.I think he was scared of the waves.

Then we went on the longest Jetty ever , which was 2 kilometres out to sea .They have a train that runs the whole distance but we chose to walk. It felt really good to walk the whole way and have the wind blow on your face. So refreshing !People fish all along the jetty, and I have just found out that if you catch a puffer fish you are not allowed to throw it back into the water because it is poisonous. We have alot of " good "rules that people abide by here but  I wonder where the rules are as I watch some kids of the silly kind with no parental guidance dive into the water from what's got to be at least a 10 metre post. Causes my heart to skip a beat, what if  they break a neck or a leg, me and my what if's? All in all Busselton is one of West Australias wonderful places to visit if you are on a South West road trip that is :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

22nd April 2011- Cooking Thai the easy way

I love Thai food but am not really an expert when it comes to cooking it from scratch. So what I do is I get those Magic Packets of Thai cooking paste from brands such as Mae Ploy. A few minutes of swinging my ladle around and I catch myself saying , 'sawadika ' to:



AThai feast I have for myself. A thumbs up for taste, infact my suspicion is that the Thai Restaurant around the corner from my place uses the same cooking strategy 8-) , I could be wrong ! So next time you are in the supermarket throw in some of those magic packets in the trolley, you won't be disappointed.

Anyone have an instant paste they can't live without, please do share?

Monday, April 25, 2011

21st April 2011- Recycling Crayons

Omar has a thing about breaking his CrayOnS into smaller pieces and the thing is ,once they are too short to hold in his hand, he does not want to use them anymore. So I thought what should I do with all those " broken pieces". First solution, throw them out, second solution RECYCLE. Well after watching some youtube videos I decided to follow in the recycling suit. All it involves is melting wax CrayOnS .

Removed all of the CrayOn wrapping and divided them into their respective colours. You can mix colours if you are brave.

I used an old cupcake pan, you can directly melt it this way in the oven and they'd come out a circular shape but I chose to make some different shapes too,so I used some of my jelly moulds. I did make a mistake by using one of ikeas silicon type trays meant for ice and just because  I saw some other people using them on youtube, I thought of giving it a go too. My tray melted in a matter of minutes, perhaps my oven temperature was extremely hot but anyways I should have read the instruction label which said only for water use. 
melted tray and also the fish did not come out in a single piece when they had cooled.

Once you've chosen the right mould, fill them with the little pieces of CrayOn. They go in the oven at 180°C for a mere few minutes, should be less than 10. Take them out and put them in the fridge to cool. You should be able to flip them out an hour later and Ta-da you have yourself some new and colourful CrayOnS
 The ones I made with my tin jelly moulds came out perfect, like this duck and this chicken.

Thats pretty much it . I had fun creating them and Omar had a good time testing his new CrayOnS .
The circular ones make for great zooming wheels.
Oh and just because I am on a recycling high, we used all of  that colourful scrap from the CrayOn wrapping to make a collage!

Let me know if you've tried or are going to try recycling CrayOnS . Would love to see what interesting shapes and colour combinations you come up with. Happy recycling!

20th April 2011- My cup of tea

I like mine black, with a handful of mint leaves
And lots of sugar.
For the pretty factor, I have it in this cute tea set my sister got me from Morgan and Finch, It has the initial of my first name embossed on it,the letter M. It makes me smile a happy smile. So how do you like your tea?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Perth Zoo

Here are  a few pictures I snapped at the ZOO. I  LOVE going to the ZOO though Perth ZOO is not a fancy place. If you are here on holiday, no fuss if you skip it. It's nothing  when compared to The Singapore ZOO . It is pretty free from any of the frills that most top notch ZOOs offer. No shows nor camel rides, to think of it no Camels at all which surprises me because I keep hearing about  wild camels in the outback and they don't even have ONE camel, not even a SALLY ! : D

Even though they don't have camels, I keep coming back because to me it's a big park with lots of animals and I love looking at animals and I hear myself uttering...Ooooh so cute orang utan  !ooooh so cute lion !ooooh so cute elephant ! The whole way through I am filled with Oooh Soooo cute moments  SubhanALLAH :) Yes I am " that sort " of a girl but if it compensates I don't own one of those massive furry bears that wears a pretty ribbon and  is the size of a king kong."That sort "of a girl I'm not ,that's just tacky to the max : D
and besides my reasoning , Omar has a ball everytime we visit so that's  a good enough reason to keep coming back. Now say hello to the : 

"OoOOooh sooo cute baby orang utan and his other ZOO friends"
Omar fits right in with his Ooh and Aaah-ing!

And how pretty is this cheetah, I have a thing for cheetah prints, faux ofcourse nothing crazy!

That's all from the ZOO!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

19th April 2011- 30 in the house!

I turned the big Three Zero yesterday Alhamdullilah, so much to be thankful for. We headed for a  picnic celebration at the zoo with my favourite Perth people, my little carrat Omar, my darling friend Liz and her wonderful kids.Liz baked got me this beautifully wrapped truffle cake which was absolutely delicious! Thank you Liz.

Trust me to celebrate with a picnic at the zoo. I have always enjoyed  celebrating my birthdays at the zoo and  my favourite birthday song has got to be the one that has this added looney verse: 
Happy Birthday to you, 
You were born in the zoo
With monkeys and kangaroos. 
Happy Birthday to you!

It would have been nice to have all my family members here to share this special day with but due to this 'moving' circumstance, I have had to do without . None the less I was showered with much love from one and all, near and far.My mother sent me this really sweet touching post on Facebook. 
There is fun in having a daughter like Adla. Birthdays bring back those memories. Colourful, well presented menus a must. Zoo trips also a must! Because of her love for animals. So today my guess was right, when I knew she would be going to the zoo reliving her beautiful birthday memories again.
Living away from such a beautiful daughter makes you wonder why Allah destines her to live away from me. She has proven during this interim period where her husband is in Dubai , she could live with Omar and still with the spirit of “Adla”churning new menus , tackling a long task list alone! Khalid got the biggest bonus in my daughter Adla and likewise Adla in him.My prayers for you would be to have the best Dunya wal Akhirah and may your years in Dubai bring the peace, happiness, tranquillity that we all need.Keep up the spirit of “Adla”and many happy returns. 
Love you always Mom 
I pray that all the good things I'd like to accomplish or improve on will come alive as I enter this new phase of my life .I pray  too for the  mercy of Allah and his blessings not only for me but for those dearest to me too. May we all be equipped with the best of dunya to benefit us for the akhirah InshaAllah. Ameen.

Now let the thirties begin and let me share pictures of those monkeys I was born with  in the next post.Oh and since it is my birthday I thought I'd share a picture of myself too. I'm usually behind the lens so I have very few pictures of me but this one I like because it was taken by my 'sometimes artistic' husband . I really love the background effect, it was taken in Georgetown.

Saying it with love ,

Adla who is now 30 !