Saturday, May 14, 2011

The 365 photos in 365 days project

If you've seen me taking pictures, you probably know I don't go anywhere without my camera . My 365 day photo project is still rolling. Unfortunately I may not have the time to dilly dally with blog postings in the next few days, next few weeks perhaps. However I am sure I will  manage uploading pictures onto Flickr someway somehow along the way.  Do be sure to click on  my 'A picture a day ' link on the left of the blog to see my updated pictures.So far these are the photographs I have captured this year. I am so glad I embarked on this project.

Friday, May 13, 2011

5th May 2011- Tumblrs

Rewind back to the early 90's in Singapore. Remember the Ikea in Katong above Cold storage? We went with friends to this indoor playground called Tumblrs. It so reminded me of my childhood days when Ikea in Singapore had a ball pit and a ball pit only. Ikea is so shmancy fancy now.I've heard the 101 unhygienic reasons to not let your kids play in a ball pit but I take a chance anyway . How could I not when he loves it so. Deep down  inside I just do hope they give those balls a good spraying of Milton.

4th May 2011- Rainbow jelly

There are somethings you do once and promise yourself once shall forever be enough. That's the case with Rainbow jelly because of all the cleaning up you have to do later. It is such a play on colour and if you are in for a gastronomical explosion of colourful sugar, then I say make rainbow jelly to your hearts content. I shall remind myself not to attempt any rainbow desserts for a long time to come, unless bribed. You see we were singing the rainbow song while I was clearing out the pantry and stumbled upon packets of Nutrijell which totally sparked the idea to make Rainbow jelly.
Divided the jelly powder into 6 parts. Our rainbow jelly was missing an indigo but that did'nt matter.I followed the instructions on the packet and did the math accordingly for the water and sugar portion. Added some colouring and brought the mixture to a boil for a few minutes over the fire. Poured roughly 2 cm worth of the cooked jelly into a mould and sent it to the refrigerator to cool. Repeated the same steps with the different colours and layered them one on top of the other. The great thing about Nutrijell is that it sets instantaneously.
When  it's all done, let it cool  for an extra half hour,why?? Just because cold Jelly scores more points. Now when you flip the jelly over from its mould, beware of the little hands that rush so quickly to investigate, poke, squeeze and  lick this wobbly creation. Jelly makes for great sensory play.
Once you get the opportunity to get those little hands off . Slice through the wobbly creation and you'll see how the splendid colours (ahem ahem ! food additives ) have blended together. Ok maybe I should acknowledge that this is a once in a pretty blue moon sort of food. Not the most responsible choice where food additives and sugar content is concerned. Well at least you've been warned, so try this one at your own risk.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3rd May 2011- Yellow Top Helper

He enjoys helping me chuck the recyling stuff into the yellow top bin. I hope he will grow to love the environment and follow in the Sunnah of our Rasul peace be upon him. While I'm on this topic, I'd like to add that while Recycling is great, Re-using is really the way to go. Unfortunately, I have had to throw things out because of the move but otherwise I would re-use containers such as jam jars and the likes. My whole spice drawer is made up of 'once upon a time they were tomato paste jars '. I've given them a good  scrub, new set of labeling and am totally in love with how orderly they look lined up beside each other. Perhaps shall show that project in another post when I get to Dubai. I'd like to give a shout out to my Aunty in Qatar who is awesome at recyling coffee jars and old film canisters for storing and organizing things like paper clips and safety pins. Now please remember this is not about hoarding, it is simply doing your part for the environment which is our obligation. If you do Re-use, do share your ideas on how you re-use, would love to hear them.

2nd May- Sold!

So glad to finally see the Sold sign at the front of the house. Yippie Yay!Alhamdullilah.  3 years of beautiful memories in this house, the renovations we had done to it and how far we've come. It's Omar's first home  and it shall always be remembered. We had his Aqiqah here and birthdays and so many wonderful guests  from all over the world come visit us here. We hope the next home will be just as blessed with more wonderful people to share it with InshaAllah.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days of May- When life gives you lemons...

Boy can't believe its May , I have had some difficult days juggling my platter. It was getting crappy and I was getting cranky having to manage on my own here. However I'm a firm believer that when life gives you lemons, you just have to  make lemon cake and enjoy it for tea :) I find immense pleasure pottering in the kitchen and I'll say it again and again, whisking truly makes me happy. When I'm at my lowest or feeling any sort of frustration, I find solitude in my kitchen. My husband makes this joke that when I'm upset, the food I make tastes absolutely superb, maybe its the dramatic effect of clanging pots :)
Alhamdullilah I am at the final stretch of the moving process. The house is Sold and we have a settlement date  in place. I am organizing the freighters and in a few weeks, well 3 to be exact we will be out of here and saying Goodbye to darling Ole Perth.In the meanwhile we are cutting our cake and eating it too :)
The recipe I used for this cake was adapted from an Australian Womens weekly, you can find it here.
Enjoy and see you in my  next post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspired by Muhammad

Thought I'd share a site  I have just discovered. The Inspired by Muhammad campaign is designed to improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims. It showcases the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) and how he  inspires us to contribute to society in all good aspects.Do check it out Inspired by Muhammad.

30th April 2011- A Lasagne tip

I have a little tip to share. I remember learning to make Lasagne from my Italian neighbour Doreen some 12 years ago. The recipe has resonated with me and I only make Lasagne her way.
So the little tip is actually throwing in a few pieces of chicken wings, say half to one kilograms into the Lasagne sauce you make. I usually make a traditional mince meat sauce. What the chicken does is that it acts as a stock and makes the sauce a whole lot sweeter. To me it takes away any beefy smell too. Once the sauce is cooked, just take the chicken out and serve it on the sides. For a good Italian kick don't forget to add your freshly chopped basils , thyme and oregano  It makes a world of difference, I'm going to miss my herb garden. If you try this, Buon Appetito!
I might share a tip to making super creamy smooth bechamel sauce another time. Stay tuned !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

29th April 2011-Olive picking

Someone went olive picking! Time for some pickling. I'm going to have to google on how to do it because pickling is a whole new avenue for me. I 've got the jars ready though .

Monday, May 2, 2011

28th April 2011- Eggs of the chocolate kind

  He has been getting a good fix of chocolate.
Thanks to all the chocolate eggs he received from friends over easter. We don't celebrate Easter but we were spoiled none the less. I say we because mummy has been snacking on a few while she works on the computer. Any excuse is a good excuse for chocolate I say.
On a little sidetrack, For a good price chocolate, nothing fancy shmancy, I have always felt that Cadbury chocolate here in Australia tastes so much better than Cadbury chocolate in Asia.Is it the milk or is it the cocoa ? whatever it is, it is simply melt in your mouth yum. I hope they have nice tasting Cadbury chocolate in the UAE. Could someone enlighten me as to what is availabale there and what is not. I have been asked to bring along Moccona coffee for a friend. I'm guessing that if they don't have Moccona , the chances are we might be missing out in the chockie department. Do let me know if I have to stock up on any Ozzie essentials. Chocolate being top priority :) Cheers!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

27th April 2011- Avocado smoothie

I remember having an Avocado smoothie every night in Jakarta when I lived there. They call it Jus Alpukat in Indonesia and it's pretty much a blended concoction of avocado,coconut milk and palm sugar of the  Malaccan kind.
I love it much but I do it a little different in my kitchen here. I substitute coconut milk with natural greek yoghurt and palm sugar with just pretty much raw sugar that I have liquidified with some water. I throw it all into a blender along with some ice . Once it's all crushed together , we have our version of a Ta-da! Avocado Smoothie
what can I say about this little one, Got Avocado?