Friday, August 26, 2011

Got Dates?

As the last stretch of Ramadhan is upon us. I have been moulding a few sweet treats for Eid which is the celebration that will mark the end of this holy month. For the last couple of years (thanks to my Aunt in Doha for her recipe) I have made it a tradition to bake these date cookies better known as Maamuls. They are shortbread like cookies with a soft date filling. Got a  little snappy happy with the pictures. What are your must have favourite eid cookies ? Do share.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Definition of fasting by OMAR

A conversation  I had with Omar
Me: " Omar put your bicycle away"

Omar :." Mum, my bicycle is fasting "

And what he means by that is that his bicycle can go really fast. So much so for hearing us use the word 'fasting' lately , MashaAllah my little chap and his defiinitions . Puts a smile to my face everytime:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting along in Dubai

MashaAllah time is flying by indeed. We've done two weeks of fasting.I've been asked  if fasting is any different here than it is in Perth, well personally for me I don't see too much of a difference. Yes the  fasting hours are longer but anyone remember fasting in Perth late 90's , we had iftar  at like 8.00 pm , well iftar here is at sevenish so it's not that bad. Work hours are shortened for Muslims or  is it for everyone??? I don't even know the rules.I'm just going with the flow .The whole adjusting thing is coming along, I'm sure it's going to be  a continuous effort of adjustment but  we are taking it one step at a time. In the meanwhile..

How cool is this delivery scooter from our neighbourhood cornershop. It's called Milk and honey so reminds me of a Roxette song I use to listen to. I like that they have delivery services here. it's great for Hot Lazy days which happens to be every other day in SUMMER.
and this little chipmunk has been topless most days.
We are discovering a lot of new drinks.I'm glad big K is off  Coca cola and giving Dubai Cola a go instead. It's a date drink! I don't really like it.
I've been pottering in the kitchen, reacquainting with my kitchen equipment. Omar has requested pizza a dozen times over.
I am also juggling  some interior projects, moving and recycling furniture around trying to make this new place feel a little more like home . Omar always gets top priority with his room. I shall share an update on that soon.

And we've been really missing our Ozzie friends lately, hello to all of you down under ! WE MISS YOU!

In other news,The English premier league season has begun-talking soccer here... I've been paying attention thanks to Big K constanly ringing it in my ear . Speaking of the English, It's so sad to see what's been happening with the riots  in the UK .so so sad. Allah make it easy for everyone. In the meanwhile thinking of the people in Somalia too. Hope everyone's been able to pitch in one way or another in this holy month to help those less fortunate. 

Till my next update
Saying it with love,