Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eid in Dubai 2011

As Ramadan was drawing to an end , I prettied up the house  and baked cookies for Eid . Eid is the celebration to mark the end of the fasting month.We had a great  first Eid  in Dubai. Eidul Fitr Prayer begins at sixish here as oppose to Perth timing which is usually around 8 in the morning. Good thing I checked, Alhamdullilah everyone in the UAE celebrated Eid on the same day so none of that confusion we go through year after year in Perth,Thank God! I am  also blessed to have family here in the UAE and Big K has family here too from Singapore so we had a great day of visiting, meeting old friends in a new place, merry making and eating lots and lots of FOOD.Omar had his fair share of sweets and chocolates.Infact I had to bribe him with chocolates to get him into his Eid gear in the morning and that was the beginning of a sweet filled day.
My little prince in his Eid kondura , the headgear lasted a few photographs before it was swung around in cowboy fashion
So you see because I grew up in Singapore  I have  somewhat adopted the cultural traditions in which Eid is celebrated there. The majority of Arabs in Singapore are of Hadrami descent and most of us are 3rd or 4th generation Singaporean Arabs. It is actually the Malay Muslim tradition that we have colourfully embraced. We love their food and it has become common practice in Hadrami households to actually cook their Eid dish which is 'Ketupat and lodeh'. It is rice cakes served with a coconut gravy and a dozen other condiments. It is sooooo delicious and fate has it planned out wonderfully that there are a few  other Hadrami slash Singaporean families here in Dubai, so we pitched in, got our pots cooking and  feasted  on Malay dishes in Dubai, how delightful! We totally skipped the kabsas and the harissas this year :) and just for the record, Eid is celebrated the whole month of Shawal in Singapore, we might just do that here. Lets see! In the meanwhile , hope all our lovely readers had a wonderful Eid , let us know what are your special Eid traditions.

Saying it with love, Adla

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  1. Eid Mubarak Kak Adla, Abang Khalid n little Omar. Minal aidil walfaizin. Hope u guys are in good health. Take care =D