Thursday, February 25, 2016

The beginning is always today

I moved to dazzling Dubai some five years ago from the tranquil city of Perth, Australia . When I press the rewind button to the days following my move, I am reminded of how I felt like a country mouse who had to adjust to a bustling city. It was an entirely different world. It felt like I had stepped into an amusement park, constantly feeling mesmerized by the lights and glam of the city. It has taken me on a high like it does for many expats who live here. Dubai is beautifully inspiring at every corner. Unfortunately, while going with the fast pace of normality here, the things I use to take much pride in like crafting and designing and blogging somehow slowly got pushed aside as I sat quietly admiring all that this place had to offer. I stopped creating. I stopped drawing and sketching my thoughts and felt as if I was losing a part of my creative streak. I knew that my artistic passion needed to be reignited. However, it took me a couple of years to finally realize that it was  time to get back in the groove and do the things I am most passionate about

I am a lover of all things beautiful and I am finicky about design elements and colour. A year ago, I had my second baby and resigned from my job as a teacher. It was during my pregnancy that  I felt a spark of creative magic come alive again. It began with me designing and creating the  bedding for my little boys crib.I was in fabric haven, putting together puffed bows of raw silk and matching embroidery. I knew right then that I was back in my happy element. From then on, the creative juices just flowed. I started designing my post pregnancy breast feeding friendly dresses and tunics. I was surprised that it garnered a lot of interest from the people I met. I never thought to expand it into a business but time and again many asked me where my dresses were from and whenever I answered that I designed and tailored my own dresses, the response were always positively delightful .

So with the loving encouragement from my family and friends who kept pushing me to share this talent with the world, ADLAALHADDAD designs was born.
Come join and support me on this journey as I share a part of me with you on my instagram , facebook and my soon to be onlineshop

 With much love,