Who we are

I think this blog needs a little introduction to the members of our troop. Drum rolls please...

First up is the King of the throne aka Big k, he is my computer scientist.He fiddles with codes on computer programmes and I pretend like I know what he does but in reality he knows I know absolutely nothing about it. He has been an Arsenal fan for the longest time ever so in this household we do not talk about any other soccer team. Who are the Man U's,?don't know them! Apart from that he's got the green fingers around here, he has a chilli plant that has blossomed year after year, so for crazy chilli power advice, he is the one to talk to. His sense of humour is Britishly dry or so I think but I love him to the moon and back.

Then theres little 'O' , my prince, he is my little ray of sunshine. For a 2 year old he is very funny! and I mean really funny, he'd also make a cute elephant, he's perfected his elephant trumpeting sound .He has lots of friends and knows how to keep himself really busy. He loves strawberries and ice cream and just does not like carrots at all. He loves giving free hugs and sloppy kisses to the girls and I have been warned that he might just be a ladies man when he grows up. I'm keeping him right by my side where I can see him this little hero of mine.I love him in every possible way :)

And ofcourse theres moi , The Queen of this little kingdom. Adla madla as I am sometimes referred to. I am a little mad and am crazy about colour and most things crafty. Once upon a time , I was a teacher . These days I am chauffer , personal chef and on call butler to my little prince , the best job ofcourse is being mummy. In my leisure time I do floristry work for my new venture called Florals by Adla. I love the kitchen though I wish I had a bigger one so that I could cook and entertain more. Not that I do less of either but thats in the books for the future. Apart from that I love decorating and pretty things and shopping and getting a massage.

Thats about it for now . In due time , I'll introduce some other characters that are crucial to our lives.

Say it with love and keep it real,